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Ladies of Fortune

Ruth Hanson - Writer / Anne Bonny

Bio: Creator for Ladies of Fortune. Ruthie has been obsessed with the Golden Age of Piracy since she was just a teenager. While she was in school, she had the idea for the pilot, and promptly asked Damien Gerard to consider playing the role of Ben Hornigold, the series' lead villain. She and Damien had met playing Dungeons and Dragons in Burbank, and remained good friends for the past seven years. Her other creative works include novels, such as Unscripted Act 1 & 2, The Railwalkers, Blood in the Golden Palace, and The Kiss of 89 (Nov 2022). She graduated Cum Laude from CSUN in 2019 and got her first film option in 2021 through Golden Horseshoe Entertainment when director Paul Baker took a liking to her small budget werewolf script, Hair of the Dog Diner.


Terrence Magee - Director

Terrence Magee is a visionary Director and Cinematographer and always looking for projects with a powerful message or experimental feel. He is the founder of Cinema Collaboratorium, a Film and Maker group. A former Information Technology executive, he brings the precision and discipline of IT to the art of Film.  

Damien Gerard - Ben Hornigold

Damien Gerard is a British actor most known for playing the lead role of Harry Stone in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, as well as Father Teach in the HBO smash hit 'Our Flag Means Death." Damien has also appeared in Ghost Recon and the Elder Scrolla Franchise, as well as the critically acclaimed film, 'Isolation,' and 'The Tension Experience' directed by well known horror director, Darren Lynn Bousman.

Ericka Mugglin - Mary Read

Gaining her love of acting through theater, and music theater, Erika has pursued the craft for the past five years. She has lived all around the US, resulting in an outsiders eye that is always combing and registering the world around her for characters to play. In her free time she dabbles in directing, editing, and comedy writing.


Michael Deni - Jasper

Michael is most known for his role on Netflix's "T-Rex Ranch", as well as ION Television's "Beaus of Holly" directed by Anthony C. Ferrante, and the Critics Choice nominated show "Betrayed" by the producers of House of Cards. Michael can also be seen in different television shows like Crazy Love on Lifetime, Murdered Among Friends on Inv. Discovery and the indie film Sweet Home directed by Lorenzo Sisti (No Time to Die, Catch-22). Michael has also performed in multiple musicals like Mamma Mia at the Hollywood bowl, Ragtime at the Pasadena Playhouse, and Cable in South Pacific at the Merry-Go-Round Playhouse in NY where he was nominated for best supporting actor. Recently, he performed as the Beast in Beauty and the Beast at the Moonlight Amphitheater and broke a 40 year box office record, becoming the most sold out show in Moonlight history.

Anita McCreery - Key Makeup and Hair

Though starting their career in makeup artistry in 2018, Anita McCreery has held a lifelong passion for historical makeup, costuming, and of course; feminine true crime. From fully costumed middle school presentations on outlaw Pearl Hart, all the way to working in Hollywood on projects like Ladies of Fortune, Anita continues their personal pursuit of bringing attention to the forgotten histories of women and feminine individuals.


Sydney Blake - Key Wardrobe

With a love for historical fashion and a knack for styling, Sydney Blake started her costuming journey, as many do, with cosplay.
In 2018, she had the opportunity to work with several costumers as a historical fashion liaison, and in 2019 she took on personal styling, and was offered her first opportunity to costume for a small project. With the lockdown of 2020, and opportunity drying up, Sydney turned her attention to creativity once again, and started a small business making quirky needlefelted berets.
2 years later and a new project, she is able to lean in to her passion for historical costuming once again.

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