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Ladies of Fortune

Series Overview

Fully realized, Ladies of Fortune is queer adventure on the high seas. We follow two of history’s greatest female swashbucklers of all time – Anne Bonney and Mary Read. Under the command of Captain Calico Jack Rackham, Anne and Mary live out their tenure aboard The Kingston and command a crew of diverse heathens in search of fortune and favor. During their time aboard Rackham’s vessel, they form an unbreakable bond, weathering love, loss, and discovering new truths about themselves. Aside from royal forces, their greatest adversary is one of their own: Captain Benjamin Hornigold. A naval officer turned pirate turned pirate hunter, Ben Hornigold is a product of the old world, and stands in staunch opposition to the ideals and values of Rackham’s more reckless crew.

Currently, Ladies of Fortune is still in the pitching stages. After a successful Kickstarter (thanks everyone!) the LoF crew began work on getting resources together to film what’s known as a “proof of concept.” We’ve sampled three strong scenes from the series’ pilot and cast stand-in actors to portray our cast of fiendish scoundrels. Once finished, the proof, along with other materials, will be pitched to studios and producers in order to bring the concept to fruition. 

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